Sunday, March 18, 2012

Reading Eggs Review

Our 6 year old daughter just got finished working on the Reading Eggs
website for practice in reading. I wanted to write up a little review
on it for those who are interested.

Pros -
The graphics are very colorful and fun.
The map that takes you to the different steps are easy to navigate.
There are things to do on the screen while you wait for the programs
to load.
It kept her attention for a long time.
There was a variety of activities that helped her reading skills and
letter recognition

Cons -
It took a long time to download. We have a semi slow internet
connection and we pay by the minute used so that was a frustration.
I was not able to download this on my ipad which would have made it
nice for her to work on while I was using the computer.
She took the pretest, but I feel that she is farther along than were
they started her. For example, One of the activities was finding
the letter r over and over. Then the next was finding the correct word
- so that was a bit of a jump. She did not seem to mind it.

All in all - I would like to see how this could help her develop her
reading. She is great at sounding out words and blending them - but
has not caught on to fully just reading without sounding out the words



She is 5

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