Monday, November 24, 2008

We have a turkey!!!

Our friends that live several islands away from us just got here today.  We are so excited.  There little girl E is the same age as A.  They have already had fun together.  The cool thing is that they brought us lots of goodies because there area is a little more western.  The best was a turkey....  They got the biggest they could.  I had to go and have a special pan made for it.  I hope it fits.  Maybe I can post pics.  We also have another family, the F family, arriving by boat tomorrow.  So the Americans have invaded BB.  We still don't outnumber the Australians that live here.. we are one adult short.  

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Caleb!

Today my sweet hubby is 32 years old.  I am grateful that I have gotten to celebrate the last seven birthdays with him!!!  

Happy Birthday Honey! I love you very much.  I hope you enjoy your present.  Thanks to all the family that helped to contribute to the dive Computer.  It is a Vyper Suunto Dive Computer if you want to check it out.  

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My husband has gone barefoot for a whole week!

Caleb is in the woods/jungle for 10 days with a local village.  He is supposed to come home on Friday night or saturday morning.  He told me the other day that he is trying to go a whole week without wearing shoes.  It is part of the tradition of the people that you have to take off your shoes when you get to the top of the mountain. They then pray at the grave of the "king of the jungle"  

Since Caleb has been away we have been trying to keep busy.  On Friday - we had girlfriends over for homemade pizza and then we made jewelry.  On sat we went to the beach to have a quick sunset picnic. On Sunday we went to church, went to a party for a neighbor, and then went to take friends to the airport.  Unfortunately, their plane was delayed - so our afternoon was pretty much shot because of the uncertainty of the flight schedule.  They don't have lights on the runway so the airport closes at 5pm.  It is usually really dark here a few minutes after 6pm. On Monday, I went to teach school and Lei-Lei stayed with a friend.  Alethia says "mommy teach" . The class is at the university and usually taught by Caleb.  It was actually pretty fun.  It sort of made me miss teaching a little bit.   We did the same thing on Tuesday.  On Tuesday night, me , Lei-Lei and Tuti (my friend who has been spending the night us). went to the downtown boardwalk area.  It is usually filled with lots of junk to buy that is all lying on the ground right in Lei-Lei's view point.  You can buy fried snacks - like fried bananas, fried things that are a dry version of sweet potatoes.  Then you can drink this special drink called "seraba"which is made mostly of ginger and sweetened condensed milk.  A's favorite thing to do is fish.  They have plastic pools filled with plastic fishes that you can catch 10 fish for 10 cents.  A is getting quite good.   We then had dinner "chicken satay and lonton" - tiny pieces of grilled chicken with a yummy peanut sauce and rice that has been steamed extra, sticks together, and then cut in slices. Yummy with the peanut sauce.  We were right on the water and all was well until the little street kids came begging for money - or for A's crackers- only to be chased away by the drink boy.  I guess you try to get used to that.  On Wednesday we had sort of a down day.  A enjoyed playing in a water bucket and helping me get the weeds out of the "garden".  When she was inside she enjoyed watching Miss Patty Cake DVD.  She loves her songs.  Then this afternoon I did some more teaching for the older children of our landlord.  No real plans for tomorrow.  Just can't wait to hug my hubby.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Cooking with What???

You may ask what is this:
Would you believe me if I said ice cream? Well, actually it is the sea weed that I used to make ice cream. I have made 3 batches now and it keeps getting better and better. A friend who is staying out in the village on our island for a school project invited me to come and learn how to make different things with seaweed. There is this type of candy you can make called dodol, another jelly drink called cedrol, and then another one with coconut water, young coconut, pieces of sea weed, and drink syrup. I got the recipe for ice cream and brought it home and experimented. The sea weed was originally dark purple. You have to soak it in rice water (The water you rinse off your rice with) for two days. Then soak in Alum and it is ready to be used. Sea weed has some amazing help benefits and is often found in jelly type products. In ice cream it keeps it from becoming icey and I think it acts as an emulsifier too. If you blend the sea weed enough you can't even taste it is in there. Pretty amazing. I made it without the ice cream freezer. I don't think I am ready to open up my own business, but it was fun. My neighbors here sure have enjoyed my experiements. The first flavor was chocolate, then came vanilla with the vanilla bean, and then lastly mocha last night. Mocha was the best. I still have one more batch to work with.
I just have to share that I came across the neatest substitute for eggs the other day. I can't remember the website - but we have to thank the vegan community for this one.
Use 1 teaspoon ground flax seed and 1/4 cup water for 1 egg. I have made brownies and subsituted one of the eggs. They were yummy. I made lemon-poppyseed scones and used the subst for the egg in the recipe. Then today, I made zucchini bread and did two regular eggs and one flaxseed combo for the other egg. So far the results have been great. If you did this with cookie dough - you could eat the dough. I might try that soon.

Do you have any neat cooking substitutes? Or sea weed creations?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Mom and Dad,
I just wanted to say Happy Anniversary to you. Let's see if I am 31, Terra is 35 so that means ya'll have been married for 36 years. Thanks Treena Lu for setting them up with a great place to go out to dinner. I ask mom if it was good - she said no, it was fantastic. Mom and Dad, we love you very much and thank you for the love you show each other and to your family. I hope you have at least 36 more years together. Enjoy the beach together this weekend!!!!!!


Thursday, August 14, 2008


Alethia loved having her grandparents here.
They shared many laughs.

What has Lai Lai been up to?

Alethia has been busy traveling this summer. At the end of June She went to Thailand for a big meeting. She loved going to her "school" each day and really enjoyed her friends, teachers, and music. Then her Grandpa and ShuSha (Caleb's parents) came for a visit. They were touring Asia but they did manage to make it out to our little island. Then they took us for a wonderful trip to Bali. We were sad to see them go. Miss you Gan-Pa and ShuSha.
I tried to post pictures but they didn't go through. So I will try again

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Trying Again, Trying Again

Okay - problem with video - not uploaded sorry

Friday, April 25, 2008

On my own time

Things have been busy here on our little island. Caleb was in the capital city from Sunday to Thursday and brought back some wonderful cheeder cheese, zucchini, broccoli and bail peppers and lots of books for Alethia. We missed him but tried to fill our time with fun things. On Sunday night we had our usual worship with the other expat families here. Then on Monday afternoon we took a picnic supper to the beach and watched the sunset with the other american family here, who will be leaving us soon :-( . Remarkably the water was very clean which is rare and the tide was low sow the kids had fun splashing around. Alethia likes to get her sand toys and proclaim, "Alethia go beach, go beach" - On Tuesday I had a house full of 11 local people here from the family of my language helper. They tasted spaghetti for the first time, bread sticks, and carrot cake. Alethia loves to help me cook and she is pretty good at stirring up the ingredients. I just have to make sure she doesn't add some of her own. Then on Wednesday, some single ladies came to the house and taught me how to make "Ayam Sewir" - chicken in a unique sweet, tangy, garlic, and onion sauce with cashews and carrots. We completed the night by watching American Idol - I am a big Jason Castro, Brooke White, and David Cook fan. in that order. I hope I can post a picture of Alethia in a traditonal costum. One of my friends gave it to her and she has not wanted to wear it - but at the last wedding we went to it was her idea. So on her own time she wanted to don the cute and fancy outfit complete with bracelets, necklaces, and her hair up in a bun. She is in the picture with the niece of my language helper. They have fun exploring together and "talking the local baby language". Caleb along with some others found some unique ceramic stuff down in a cave when they were scuba diving. It has been the talk of the town and recently we got to meet the mayor of our city (He is like a star here) when he came to see for himself. Tiffany has also started an aerobics class for some of the ladies here on the second floor of our house. We are having fun.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Island Intrigue

We have had a fun last couple of weeks. We went to a traditional wedding. They do things differently here. There is a ceremony usually in the bride's home and it is open to only family usually. Then later that day or a few days later there is a big party much like an American reception but a lot bigger. We got to have our picture made at both events. The next week a friend from another part of our country came to visit. No many people come to visit us because we are so far but she did and we had such a good time. I was a little "homesick" when she left.

Alethia is getting so big and and acts so grown up. She enjoys singing with stars as we watch American Idol complete with golf club as a microphone. She has gotten addicted to sweet tea (it is mostly water) and tv way too fast. She enjoys trying to ride her tricycle and being pushed in if around the house. She loves to push around her little baby too. You can carry on conversations with here and she is always willing to fill anyone's class with water from the water dispenser. She insists on having a normal place at the table and now wants big people size silverware too. She has even begun wanting to pick out her own clothes. The funniest things is that since our electricity goes out quickly, she even knows were the fuze box is and tries to use the broom, like her short mommy, to turn it back on. She has fallen in love with a book called "Four seasons for little people" we read it at least once a day but that it good because there is only the dry and rainy season here. She is so much fun.

I have been spending time with some great college girls. They have taught me a lot about the culture here and have been good friends. I also have a new house helper that has been a good change and help. I have taught her how to make banana bread, flour tortillas, french fries, southern sweet tea, how to wash dishes in hot water (we have to boil the water first). It is fun that she goes home and tries to make them herself.

Caleb continues to be the brave explorer and just recently ventured by boat to a nearby island to try out a long ride on his motorcycle. He loves to explore new areas and meet new folks. He has also taken up a new hobby of catching yummy and huge lobsters. Old Bay seasoning can really cook them up right and delicious with garlic butter.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Two Cuties

I just couldn't resist taking this picture of the two cuties this morning. Alethia had just woken up and she still has good hair - Her mom on the other hand is a different story. Caleb was getting ready to go scuba diving and he is sure handsome... Alethia and I couldn't resist giving him a kiss

Friday, February 22, 2008

Where have we been? Catching Up

I tried to publish pictures buy our connection is slow and will not let me - maybe at some point.

Well we are back on out little island now after a trip to North Carolina and Arkansas and Thailand. I just can't get to my blog because I spend so much time reading everyone else's. We had a wonderful time visiting great grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. Then we headed back to our island with a stop over in Thailand to visit with some more Threatt's and to finish up some classes. It was wonderful to see old friends who are in similar situations and for Tiffany to finish up her class work. Caleb has a little bit more to go. Two girls from Appalachian and Two from Southeastern came and helped take care of Alethia and her friend Emily while we were in Thailand. Which was a huge prayer answered for us parents.

We came back to the island Jan.21 and celebrated Alethia's two-year birthday on Jan. 24. We had our landlord's children, my language helper, and some other western friends with a butterfly them. I made a butterfly cake and we each made butterflies from pipe cleaners.

Then about a week ago we bought a motorcycle. Alethia is riding one we had especially made for her. Just kidding g-parents it is a model in the store - but she sure did love it. Caleb and I got to go on a date on Feb.15 and we rode the motorcycle. It was a lot of fun not to mention the fact that I HAD to hold on tight and get real close to my hubby. The night before we hosted a Valentine's Party for some national friends - We had a blast. They really are some neat girls and I look forward to spending more time together with them.

Then our shipment came from America. Which we have been waiting on for several months. The things were packed in Oct. 2006. I am so glad that I have good pots, pans, silverware, and velvetta mac and cheese. Our kitchen cabinets got finished today so that is so exciting. I now have 3 drawers at my disposal... They are already filled to overflowing. We are still waiting on them to up our electricity from 900W to something that can comfortably run a coffee maker and an air conditioner all though not at the same time.. I would just like to cook rice and rice clothes at the same time... In His Timing - Oh, yeah we had an unwelcome addition. This is actually the second little critter of the rat variety that has come into the house - I am sure there will be more because the door upstairs that does lead outside is more than 2 inches from touching the floor. Par for the course here. Hope there are no invaders next week as we are having our first spend the night house guest.

On a really cool note - We would like to say hello to Josiah Roberts Coppenger that is just a little over a week old. Hope your parents (Jed and Melanie) are treating you right. We send our love from Smellville.



She is 5

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