Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My husband has gone barefoot for a whole week!

Caleb is in the woods/jungle for 10 days with a local village.  He is supposed to come home on Friday night or saturday morning.  He told me the other day that he is trying to go a whole week without wearing shoes.  It is part of the tradition of the people that you have to take off your shoes when you get to the top of the mountain. They then pray at the grave of the "king of the jungle"  

Since Caleb has been away we have been trying to keep busy.  On Friday - we had girlfriends over for homemade pizza and then we made jewelry.  On sat we went to the beach to have a quick sunset picnic. On Sunday we went to church, went to a party for a neighbor, and then went to take friends to the airport.  Unfortunately, their plane was delayed - so our afternoon was pretty much shot because of the uncertainty of the flight schedule.  They don't have lights on the runway so the airport closes at 5pm.  It is usually really dark here a few minutes after 6pm. On Monday, I went to teach school and Lei-Lei stayed with a friend.  Alethia says "mommy teach" . The class is at the university and usually taught by Caleb.  It was actually pretty fun.  It sort of made me miss teaching a little bit.   We did the same thing on Tuesday.  On Tuesday night, me , Lei-Lei and Tuti (my friend who has been spending the night us). went to the downtown boardwalk area.  It is usually filled with lots of junk to buy that is all lying on the ground right in Lei-Lei's view point.  You can buy fried snacks - like fried bananas, fried things that are a dry version of sweet potatoes.  Then you can drink this special drink called "seraba"which is made mostly of ginger and sweetened condensed milk.  A's favorite thing to do is fish.  They have plastic pools filled with plastic fishes that you can catch 10 fish for 10 cents.  A is getting quite good.   We then had dinner "chicken satay and lonton" - tiny pieces of grilled chicken with a yummy peanut sauce and rice that has been steamed extra, sticks together, and then cut in slices. Yummy with the peanut sauce.  We were right on the water and all was well until the little street kids came begging for money - or for A's crackers- only to be chased away by the drink boy.  I guess you try to get used to that.  On Wednesday we had sort of a down day.  A enjoyed playing in a water bucket and helping me get the weeds out of the "garden".  When she was inside she enjoyed watching Miss Patty Cake DVD.  She loves her songs.  Then this afternoon I did some more teaching for the older children of our landlord.  No real plans for tomorrow.  Just can't wait to hug my hubby.



She is 5

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