Monday, August 25, 2008

Cooking with What???

You may ask what is this:
Would you believe me if I said ice cream? Well, actually it is the sea weed that I used to make ice cream. I have made 3 batches now and it keeps getting better and better. A friend who is staying out in the village on our island for a school project invited me to come and learn how to make different things with seaweed. There is this type of candy you can make called dodol, another jelly drink called cedrol, and then another one with coconut water, young coconut, pieces of sea weed, and drink syrup. I got the recipe for ice cream and brought it home and experimented. The sea weed was originally dark purple. You have to soak it in rice water (The water you rinse off your rice with) for two days. Then soak in Alum and it is ready to be used. Sea weed has some amazing help benefits and is often found in jelly type products. In ice cream it keeps it from becoming icey and I think it acts as an emulsifier too. If you blend the sea weed enough you can't even taste it is in there. Pretty amazing. I made it without the ice cream freezer. I don't think I am ready to open up my own business, but it was fun. My neighbors here sure have enjoyed my experiements. The first flavor was chocolate, then came vanilla with the vanilla bean, and then lastly mocha last night. Mocha was the best. I still have one more batch to work with.
I just have to share that I came across the neatest substitute for eggs the other day. I can't remember the website - but we have to thank the vegan community for this one.
Use 1 teaspoon ground flax seed and 1/4 cup water for 1 egg. I have made brownies and subsituted one of the eggs. They were yummy. I made lemon-poppyseed scones and used the subst for the egg in the recipe. Then today, I made zucchini bread and did two regular eggs and one flaxseed combo for the other egg. So far the results have been great. If you did this with cookie dough - you could eat the dough. I might try that soon.

Do you have any neat cooking substitutes? Or sea weed creations?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Mom and Dad,
I just wanted to say Happy Anniversary to you. Let's see if I am 31, Terra is 35 so that means ya'll have been married for 36 years. Thanks Treena Lu for setting them up with a great place to go out to dinner. I ask mom if it was good - she said no, it was fantastic. Mom and Dad, we love you very much and thank you for the love you show each other and to your family. I hope you have at least 36 more years together. Enjoy the beach together this weekend!!!!!!


Thursday, August 14, 2008


Alethia loved having her grandparents here.
They shared many laughs.

What has Lai Lai been up to?

Alethia has been busy traveling this summer. At the end of June She went to Thailand for a big meeting. She loved going to her "school" each day and really enjoyed her friends, teachers, and music. Then her Grandpa and ShuSha (Caleb's parents) came for a visit. They were touring Asia but they did manage to make it out to our little island. Then they took us for a wonderful trip to Bali. We were sad to see them go. Miss you Gan-Pa and ShuSha.
I tried to post pictures but they didn't go through. So I will try again



She is 5

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