Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Just Cuteness!

Happy Birthday Caleb!

Caleb turned 33 on Nov.15. We celebrated with a cheesecake and a special coffee called "Kopi luwak - It was no small endeavor because I had saved the cream cheese and raspberries from April. That is one of the trickiest parts about living on the island is that you have to plan ahead- way ahead sometimes.

Alethia and I decorated the house while Caleb was away on a trip and when he came home it was all decorated (And still is at the moment). We also made our own birthday hats. Alethia had fun cutting up bits of paper and putting them on her hat. She reminded me that Asher needed one as well- so we made him one of a different variety. Here are some birthday poses.



She is 5

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