Friday, March 07, 2008

Island Intrigue

We have had a fun last couple of weeks. We went to a traditional wedding. They do things differently here. There is a ceremony usually in the bride's home and it is open to only family usually. Then later that day or a few days later there is a big party much like an American reception but a lot bigger. We got to have our picture made at both events. The next week a friend from another part of our country came to visit. No many people come to visit us because we are so far but she did and we had such a good time. I was a little "homesick" when she left.

Alethia is getting so big and and acts so grown up. She enjoys singing with stars as we watch American Idol complete with golf club as a microphone. She has gotten addicted to sweet tea (it is mostly water) and tv way too fast. She enjoys trying to ride her tricycle and being pushed in if around the house. She loves to push around her little baby too. You can carry on conversations with here and she is always willing to fill anyone's class with water from the water dispenser. She insists on having a normal place at the table and now wants big people size silverware too. She has even begun wanting to pick out her own clothes. The funniest things is that since our electricity goes out quickly, she even knows were the fuze box is and tries to use the broom, like her short mommy, to turn it back on. She has fallen in love with a book called "Four seasons for little people" we read it at least once a day but that it good because there is only the dry and rainy season here. She is so much fun.

I have been spending time with some great college girls. They have taught me a lot about the culture here and have been good friends. I also have a new house helper that has been a good change and help. I have taught her how to make banana bread, flour tortillas, french fries, southern sweet tea, how to wash dishes in hot water (we have to boil the water first). It is fun that she goes home and tries to make them herself.

Caleb continues to be the brave explorer and just recently ventured by boat to a nearby island to try out a long ride on his motorcycle. He loves to explore new areas and meet new folks. He has also taken up a new hobby of catching yummy and huge lobsters. Old Bay seasoning can really cook them up right and delicious with garlic butter.



She is 5

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