Tuesday, November 02, 2010

15 month old check up

Today we went to the doctor in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to get Asher some shots.
He is 10.3 kg and 75.5 cm long. For those who are metrically (sp?) challenged that is 22.7 lbs and about 30 inches long. He got his MMR shot in the left arm. Sister had already prepped the nurse and told her that Asher would not cry. Well, he did cry for just a few seconds and then he was ready to go again. He has been walking for 2 months now and just this week started to climb up into chairs. Which means nothing is safe anymore. He played at his first big playground today and had fun but wasn't too fond of the little holes as he was walking across the bridges. He can say some words now. His favorites are ball, cat, mau (indonesian for want), no, duck, hot (the newest word), dada (bye in Indo), mama, dada (da as in daddy). I think I heard please once. He is gets his point across and lets you know if he is content or not with whatever situation it is. He is still a great eater and will eat anything I give him. However, yesterday in Sunday School he stole some bread from a little girl when I wasn't looking. They are beginning to play together as brother and sister. It is fun to watch and most often involves chase or some time of sing-song screaming-laughing escapade started by his sister. I think she is falling more in love with him. I heard her singing just the other day, "Asher is a cutie pie". Mommy and daddy sure think so.

A first take on photography

Here is Alethia's try at photography

Take 1

Getting better

Third time is the charm and even little brother cooperated

She took this one with mommy's Digital SLR and there was no view window. It was old school and she had to look through the view finder. Not a bad job on this special puppet from Jakarta.

Fall Fun!

Since the only leaves we see fall are usually palm branches and banana leaves. It was kind of hard to get into the fall spirit. A keeps telling people that the leaves are falling (in America she finally adds). We bought these pumpkins at the local grocery store (i.e. market) and painted them for some festive fun.



She is 5

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