Monday, February 25, 2008

Two Cuties

I just couldn't resist taking this picture of the two cuties this morning. Alethia had just woken up and she still has good hair - Her mom on the other hand is a different story. Caleb was getting ready to go scuba diving and he is sure handsome... Alethia and I couldn't resist giving him a kiss

Friday, February 22, 2008

Where have we been? Catching Up

I tried to publish pictures buy our connection is slow and will not let me - maybe at some point.

Well we are back on out little island now after a trip to North Carolina and Arkansas and Thailand. I just can't get to my blog because I spend so much time reading everyone else's. We had a wonderful time visiting great grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. Then we headed back to our island with a stop over in Thailand to visit with some more Threatt's and to finish up some classes. It was wonderful to see old friends who are in similar situations and for Tiffany to finish up her class work. Caleb has a little bit more to go. Two girls from Appalachian and Two from Southeastern came and helped take care of Alethia and her friend Emily while we were in Thailand. Which was a huge prayer answered for us parents.

We came back to the island Jan.21 and celebrated Alethia's two-year birthday on Jan. 24. We had our landlord's children, my language helper, and some other western friends with a butterfly them. I made a butterfly cake and we each made butterflies from pipe cleaners.

Then about a week ago we bought a motorcycle. Alethia is riding one we had especially made for her. Just kidding g-parents it is a model in the store - but she sure did love it. Caleb and I got to go on a date on Feb.15 and we rode the motorcycle. It was a lot of fun not to mention the fact that I HAD to hold on tight and get real close to my hubby. The night before we hosted a Valentine's Party for some national friends - We had a blast. They really are some neat girls and I look forward to spending more time together with them.

Then our shipment came from America. Which we have been waiting on for several months. The things were packed in Oct. 2006. I am so glad that I have good pots, pans, silverware, and velvetta mac and cheese. Our kitchen cabinets got finished today so that is so exciting. I now have 3 drawers at my disposal... They are already filled to overflowing. We are still waiting on them to up our electricity from 900W to something that can comfortably run a coffee maker and an air conditioner all though not at the same time.. I would just like to cook rice and rice clothes at the same time... In His Timing - Oh, yeah we had an unwelcome addition. This is actually the second little critter of the rat variety that has come into the house - I am sure there will be more because the door upstairs that does lead outside is more than 2 inches from touching the floor. Par for the course here. Hope there are no invaders next week as we are having our first spend the night house guest.

On a really cool note - We would like to say hello to Josiah Roberts Coppenger that is just a little over a week old. Hope your parents (Jed and Melanie) are treating you right. We send our love from Smellville.



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