Thursday, September 17, 2009

Welcome Asher

Our Australian friends on the island gave Asher a welcome to to the world party. Ez who is 6 I think (maybe 7) did all the planning, decorations, games, and most of the food by himself. He made a great host. Asher has a hard time showing appropriate appreciation for anything but breast milk at the moment. Alethia played musical chairs for the first time and was not happy that she didn't win. She got better on the balloon races. Wearing her party dress excited her the most!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A First

A got here first partial black eye from her little brother's right hook. Not really. She fell coming up the steps into the kitchen and hit the fan. It is a floor fan and she managed to hit her face on the part that holds the two metal pieces together that has a sharp handle. Ouch... Ouch.. I was expecting her eye to be damaged severely but it looks like it will be okay. She didn't cry that much and held an ice pack on it while she watched "A Bug's LIfe".

A was having a good sleep today so I thought I would snap the cutey while he was asleep. He hasn't been asleep this soundly in about three days so that was a good first for him too. He is not in his bed because the ants decided they wanted to sleep there too.



She is 5

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