Friday, August 14, 2009

Our 6th Year Anniversary

Caleb and I celebrated our 6th year anniversary on June 28th. As you can see I was greatly pregnant at the time and the coffee cup is sitting on my belly not levitating.

A good friend was in town and kept Alethia all day while we took a lunch date that turned into evening by the time we got back. The restaurant was "The Oasis" and has served the likes of former President Bill Clinton and Hillary, Margaret Thatcher, and a host of other dignitaries. They are famous for their "rice table display" which is at dinner time a 12-dish meal. Similar to a personal buffet but is specially displayed and served with various attendants. It is a great way to sample some of this countries best dishes. We had the scaled down version at lunch but still had a lovely time.

The funny thing was we started writing a list of how we had celebrated each year - and the verdict is ... We need to keep a written record because we couldn't remember each year's celebration. So either we need to celebrate bigger or at least write it down.

She loves to Dress Up!

Alethia loves to dress up! Little brother gave her a mermaid costume in the hospital too.

Sweet Dreams!

Here is Asher having a sweet 8 day old dream!

Caution: Labor and Delivery Story

Here is a run down of my labor and delivery with Asher as best as I can remember it. - This is long and detailed.

We were at a friend’s house (The T’s) on Thursday, July 23, having lunch. The power was out for all of lunch and then we went up stairs to chat a bit and then the power came back. So we decided to try out their Wii. This was the 2nd time that I had played. I had read the night before on my brother-in-law’s facebook that he was playing Wii Fit to loose his belly. I had wondered at the time if it would help me go into labor too – (aka –loose my belly). So maybe that was already on my mind. Anyway, Caleb and I played a little tennis and did some bowling. Then Caleb headed off to the gym to workout. I stayed at their house and did the Wii fit. Well besides my Wii Fit age being absurdly old and them calling me overweight I enjoyed the experience and I was beginning to get good at the Hula-hoop. That is going in the clockwise direction. I will never know about counter clockwise because after I hit 300 twirls we started laughing and I had to make a b-line for the bathroom. Well, I realized then that my water had just broken. The time was 5:30 pm. Thanks, Wii Fit-otherwise my doctor was going to break it the next Wednesday.

Our friends drove me and A back to the guesthouse and I put the finishing touches on all of our packing but was not in too much of a rush because I hadn’t really felt a contraction yet. Then Charlie went to get Caleb because he was in the middle of a work out and didn’t have his phone with him. I took a shower and that was the first time I felt something that I thought might be contractions. We got some grilled chicken and rice for dinner and left about 6:30. By this time I really didn’t want to eat but thought it might help me to have some strength for the long night ahead. I also brought an apple along and that was what I really wanted to eat. We thankfully got to the hospital within an hour, which was a blessing because the traffic could have been much worse. I was feeling contractions in the car on a regular basis (3-6min) apart but was still able to talk. I was checked into the labor room by 7:45 and by then was 4cm dilated. My friend Stephanie came around 8:15 complete with some Ipod Christian tunes, which was perfect time because Caleb was help up in Admissions for 45 minutes. During that time the contractions were getting stronger and we got to see the chicken and rice for the 2nd time. Dr. Gozali got there at 8:30 and asked if I was handling the pain. I think all I could do was mutter a shy “yes”. 8:30-9:30 was the by far the hardest time with Stephanie counting the length of the contractions, me trying to breath and remain calm, and Caleb trying to comfort me by allowing me to clutch/pinch his hand until he lost all feeling I am sure. I was up trying to walk around, squat, sway, etc….. Then one of the later contractions totally exhausted me so I got in the bed to “rest” a little. Then I could focus and breath better because the contractions were not so excruciating. The doc came in at 9:30 and said I was fully dilated but the baby was not totally engaged. He said it would be about an hour before I was pushing. I could feel a strange pain in my lower back and in my lower hips. I felt like the baby was just stuck there. I didn’t want to move but knew I had to do something to get this baby down. However, every time I moved the pain got worse and I wanted to push. With C and S help I got up and stood on the floor and tried to rock. Well, I got things rocking and wanted to push – but just a little bit. So I got back on the bed this time on my hands and knees trying to relieve the pressure off of my back. Thankfully, it worked. There was this 3 min sense of calmness and I asked S why I hadn’t had a contractions. It was the calm before the storm. There is a special name for this breathing period before you are getting ready to push. Dr. Gozali was in the room given me reminders on how and when to push. I was trying to listen in between contractions and then they were shouting. “We see his head.” I was exhausted so I lay down on my side. I thought I had kept it all together until this point. But it was as if I went to another world. I knew I was holding on for dear life on the nurse’s shirt – partly because I didn’t want to fall out of the bed ☺. I could hear them saying things like, “Oh, we see his head, he’s got hair, you can do it, and just a little bit more.” But their voices were in the distance. Then, I felt Asher come all the way out and it was heaven on earth. Of course, being able to hold him and see him healthy was a great joy too. He came out very purple but after a minute of cuddles with mom he was given some oxygen and quickly gained his color.

I could not believe how incredibly smooth everything went. I was so afraid, nervous and scared about delivering in a developing country. Especially, knowing the nurses do not like to deviate from their norm and wondering if the baby was going to be healthy. But God’s word says that perfect love casts out all fear. I was relying on His care for me and remembering a verse that one of my teammates from WFRMS told me when I was getting ready to deliver Alethia.
CSB 2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness, but one of power, love, and sound judgment.
God provided just what I needed right when it was needed most!!!!

We praise Him that we had a healthy baby boy born at 10:45pm that night. Only 5 hours from when my water broke and without any complications. He was so faithful to see us through and give us a 9lb and 20 inch long super cute little man or “baby bruder” as Alethia likes to say.



She is 5

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